Getting What Is Rightfully Yours

Getting What Is Rightfully Yours

Did a Mobile Game User Cause Your Car Accident? Learn What to Do Here

by Penny Fisher

If a careless driver caused your car accident because they were playing a popular mobile game while driving, you may wonder if there's anything you might do to bring a case against the individual. Although gamemakers, state transportation departments, and other entities caution people to avoid playing their mobile games while driving, a good number of individuals choose to do so anyway. Not only do the drivers place themselves at risk for accidents, they also cause problems for other people on the road. Here's what you should know about mobile gamers and what you can do to obtain compensation for your injuries.

What's Mobile Gaming, and Why Is It Dangerous?

Mobile games allow users to actively participate with animated characters or other people in the real world, or players can visit the characters' virtual world to play. Other mobile games require users to become "assassins" in order to participate. To play some of the games, users install apps on their smartphones and other mobile devices. Some games, such as the new Pokémon Go, entice people to track, find, and catch characters of the game. Although the apps actively warn individuals to stay safe and use caution when playing them, some individuals become so enthralled with their characters that they ignore the warnings.

A number of the users post their efforts on Twitter and other social media outlets. Other individuals even reveal that they know it's unsafe to use their mobile apps while driving but choose to do so regardless. The drivers can lose control of their vehicles and strike other drivers while focusing on the games. 

If you were an innocent driver who received injuries from a careless gamer, take steps to bring a case against them now.

How Do You Obtain Compensation For Your Injuries?

The first step you might take is to contact a personal injury attorney in your area. An attorney may do a few things to assist you, including subpoenaing the phone records of the at-fault driver and hiring a digital forensic expert to examine them. For example, if the user sent snapshots of their gaming results to Twitter, the records may show the time and date of the activities. 

In addition, a digital forensic expert can locate deleted or seemingly destroyed evidence from electronic and computerized devices, including phones and computers. A number of mobile apps store the stats, results, and activities of the users in their systems. This comes in handy if the at-fault driver deleted their phone's data after the accident as a way to avoid getting into legal trouble. 

For more information about your accident, contact a personal injury law firm such as Gartner Law Firm.


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